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For Mary Coddington

From United Kingdom – Intelligent and caring, she was and remains an inspiration for her daughter, three grandchildren, and all those who knew her. She is deeply missed, though we hope she can now find rest with her late husband, Ken, and daughter, Jane.

For Freddie Dale

From United Kingdom – Freddie Dale was my beloved godfather. We lost him to COVID-19 on 21 April 2020. He was 94 years old. I am still coming to terms with the loss of someone deeply important to me throughout my life. He will never be forgotten.

For Julian Perry Robinson

From United Kingdom – Our colleague Mary Kaldor\’s husband, Julian Perry Robinson, will be remembered for his expertise in science and in law, for his work to use both in the cause of peace, most notably to eradicate the use of chemical and biological weapons. Condolences to the entire family.

For Julian Perry Robinson

From United Kingdom – Julian Perry Robinson, the husband of our colleague Mary Kaldor, has died of COVID-19. He was a universally admired scholar and activist, a leading expert on chemical and biological weapons, and a well-know campaigner for reducing risks of armed conflict. Mary too has been affected by the virus, but has survived. I speak for many in saying that our thoughts are with her at this terrible time.